Saturday Morning Danish

Hello weekend!

Its so good to see you. Just for fun I thought I’d give you guys a look into some things I’ve been enjoying recently. Just  fun stuff to look over with your Saturday morning coffee.

I found this article recently and had a good chuckle. Finding mom friends is tough. I feel like I’m always the one to press too hard and try to take it too fast too soon. I’ve gotta keep practicing on my mom dating skills. Thankfully this gal had some good tips.

The warm weather we have had this past week has me really longing for summer. I’ve been wearing my Birkenstocks since my toes wouldn’t get frost bit but its not quite the same thing as summer. Among all the plans I’ve started making for my little family for the warm weather months this salad will be on the list. Doesn’t it just look so scrumptious?

Great article talking about the transgender bathroom issue. I know it’s a bit heavy for a Saturday morning but keeping our children safe is an issue not to be taken lightly.

My latest fun fashion find was these sandals that I thrifted. The ones I bought didn’t look like they had ever been worn. I’m excited to learn all the ways to tie them. They would look good with shorts, a dress or leggings and a t-shirt. These shoes are not only cute but they’re also supporting sending young women to college! Love helping people out even in a small way.

How intense is this? I love the idea of it but I’m not so sure I’ll ever get there. Right now I just need to focus on remembering to bring my reusable grocery bags in the store. Why is it I always remember them when we’re just about to checkout?

If I could justify buying toys for myself this would be on my list.

And this

I could see all the fun I would have with the kids now. Blanket fort puppet shows and bathtub weather reporting….

Have a wonderful weekend! God bless!





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